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CBS Television Studios Logo Bloopers is a series that is created by Stephen Flynn, founder of Blue Line Productions. It starred Microsoft Sam, Mike, Mary, and the TruVoice voices.

Known to have off-color humor at times (most notably with the tantrums), this series features antics that involved changing the letters on the logo, messing up the words below them, or the wrong logo appearing behind them (or the wrong logo appearing in front of the letters) and usually replacing the logo.

For episodes 1-4, the characters were apparently simply voices. However, starting with Episode 5 (More Party Crashers!), the characters got their concept art for the first time. The rest of the cast debuted in later episodes and stayed with the main cast. That cast grew as several requests regard to the cast were made by other users like Donna Egbert and Owen Nelson, aka TruCallingCBS202.

They will get the CBS Television Studios logo right 1 time, in Season 1 Episode 25.

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